Vital the UnspokenVirtue.

Born October 4, 1985. He was the kid who always had to prove himself. Now, he’s the man who is still having to prove himself. Known as “Vital the UnspokenVirtue” or “Vital” for short, he has always believed in being honest, and paying it forward. If it wasn’t for the helping hands, he wouldn’t be where he’s at today in LIFE period, not just music. Everybody goes through their own trials and tribulations every now and again, some more than others, but in the end the main goal for him is always to try to be successful.

Known as the man behind the scenes, he got the name “Vital” from always coming thru in the clutch. If you need something done, the chances of him getting it done are pretty high. Whether it be engineering tracks, producing, mentoring, designing graphics and/or websites, or pointing you in the direction of someone who can actually help. His mantra is “Don’t Talk About It, Be About It” and is the quote he lives by. This saying also spawned the “UnspokenVirtue” moniker. Vital has been very open to work with as many serious artists as possible, local, or not.

Engineering credits include all of Forward Thinking ENT, Sheek Louch, Tek (Smif-N-Wessun), Roc Marciano, T-Pain, Tragedy Khadafi, Young Dirty Bastard, Black Poet, and numerous others.

After multiple camps not working out, Vital founded Forward Thinking ENT alongside J.Grant back in 2011. Over the years he has changed overall goals and direction a few times, but now, the plan is being executed correctly. He launched multiple services both individually, and as a team. FT Designs was then launched in 2013 with Shane Rios as the lead designer. Everybody needs to finally be successful in their own right.

Owner/Head Engineer – FT Studios