Con Marvelous.

Con Marvelous provides a refreshing taste of authenticity from the streets, matched with his intelligent pen. He is a real artist in every sense of the word. Never lacking lyricism and substance, his originality and intricate bars are just some of the reasons why he’s a lyrical juggernaut.

Over the years, Con has become known as a force not to be reckoned with. His long awaited debut album, The Elegant Struggle, argues for him as an elaborate & authentic street rapper with serious potential for crossover success.

By the time you reach the tail end of the album, you’ll begin to sense all of the elegance and none of the struggle that the title implies. The albums final offering, “Fill A Bag” (Co-Produced with Forward Thinking ENT’s in-house producer, UnspokenVirtue) boasts confidence, coupled with a melody from Con Marvelous that is so intoxicating you’ll feel like you’ll need a designated driver.

Behind the scenes, he is also known for having a tremendous ear for production & quality. That said, Con Marvelous acts as the label’s co-executive producer and executively produces all his own music. After all, his motto is:

Q U A L I T Y  >  E V E R Y T H I N G !

Enjoy this playlist showcasing the formidable form of Con Marvelous:

Listen to the debut album, The Elegant Struggle by Con Marvelous: