Con Marvelous.

Con Marvelous provides a refreshing taste of street authenticity, matched with a prolific pen. He is a real artist in every sense of the word. Never lacking lyricism and substance, his originality and intricate bars are just some of the things that make him a lyrical juggernaut.

He isn’t just a rapper. He’s a sharp writer, and a quality maximalist who seems hell bent on earning himself the spotlight that matches his boastful rhymes.

Con is well on his way to become known as a force not to be reckoned with. Whether he’s authoring his own music, or lending his pen to land placements with WWE and the XFL; he puts his craftsmanship above all else.

He boasts musical awareness and seems to possess a great ear for production; attributes that he utilizes often, as he executively produces all of his own music. Adding to his resume, he also acts as the label A&R for Forward Thinking ENT.

Con Marvelous makes sure to leave one thing undeniably clear,

Q U A L I T Y  >  E V E R Y T H I N G !

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