In an over-saturated market of millennial graphic designers there are but two things that separate real artists: talent and quality. While most people would substitute quality for price point; Shane believes that any informed client understands that you get what you pay for, usually. Shane began practicing graphic design to originally save money, not make it. As an artist through-and-through Shane began designing because he realized how over flooded the graphic design scene was for a music artist and the large expenses that came along with buying the services.

After many questionably designed mixtape covers there was an obvious improvement along with a flooding of requests from peer-artists to help brand their projects. Dozens of projects in and Shane began to gain a legitimate client base via word-of-mouth. As financial gain began to take hold he decided that schooling and a professional background needed to supplement the monetary charges for his work. Years later he’s a published artist, award-winning photographer, and clothing designer ready to take the next step.

Lead Designer – FT Designs

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