DJ Darkflow recently asked B. Dvine to come on his final radio show of “Adrift in the Airwaves” on WPKN, before he moves over to the new station. Here is the recap from his day and night (and into the following morning).

“We showed up to Bridgeport, CT by taking the ferry from Port Jefferson, NY. I was stuck waiting for DJ Daysix to scoop me up after he got out of work, which was all good because I got to walk around for a little bit and did some sight seeing. Also saw (what I believed) to be dirty cops in action LOL. So Daysix finally scoops us with his boy and we hung out at his apartment. He was prepping for a rave and we stopped to get some drinks. We ended up meeting some people who actually knew who I was and knew my music. That was pretty cool. We then went back to Daysix’s apartment and Darkflow showed up shortly after. Darkflow showed me a bunch of songs he was working on. It was some electronic music with good vibes.  Shortly after that, Jahan pulls up and of course we started building. Got into some cyphers over Haunted Bucks beats… 

…So we leave the apartment and head to the radio station. When we got there, we ended up being 10 deep so we all just vibed out all night. After the show, I continued to chop it up with Darkflow and he was showing me where the new “Adrift in the Airwaves” is moving to. This took us well into the next morning where I didn’t go to sleep. Shout out to my people.”

The new info is 89.9 FM, Mondays 9pm to 12am, WAPJFM.COM based out of Torrington, CT.

You can listen this final show on WPKN by clicking here.

You can check out Jahan Nostra’s music at

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