Syn Kazualty.

Long Island, NY. Home to the unknown. No statement could be more true when getting to know Syn Kazualty. One could call him Forward Thinking ENT‘s secret weapon, or a unicorn if you like that kinda stuff.

This hybrid artist is fully capable of flexing his vocal skills and singing his heart out, or viscously tearing apart your favorite rapper. Syn can provide glorious harmonies with background vocals (Digital Scale & God’s Honest Truth), jump on a remix and body it in only the way he can (Bag Chasers Worldwide Remix), or out rap and call these so called rappers poo-putt (Pinnacle).

Syn Kazualty is undeniably making a strong name for himself and already has the people waiting for his first project.

Enjoy this playlist of all the hottest songs showcasing Syn Kazualty, exclusively on Spotify!

Syn Kazualty – “Layers” (Album Trailer)

Please check out the debut album from Syn Kazualty, Layers!