The Elegant Struggle.

The long awaited debut album from Forward Thinking ENT artist Con Marvelous argues for him as an elaborate & authentic street rapper with serious potential for crossover success.

There are 15 songs on Con Marvelous’ debut album, The Elegant Struggle, but, all it takes is 1 minute and 10 seconds of the first song for you to realize that you’re not listening to your typical artist. “How Could I Lose” serves a necessary purpose as the intro, while simultaneously setting the tone for the whole record. Lyrics like, “Down on yo knees, & you runnin’ yo mouth like confession/ Father forgive me, I’ll squeeze till i empty all blessings”, let you know that you’re listening to a man that is hell bent on blending the lines between righteousness and savagery with his music.

Early on, songs like “Goin Up” (Featuring D.Banks) and “Love Unconditional” (Produced by & featuring Tone Jonez) combine powerful instrumentation, infectious vocals & expert lyricism almost effortlessly. In case that isn’t enough, records like “Best Regards” & “God’s Honest Truth” are so personal they seem invasive, while other songs such as “Paid In Full” (featuring J.Sos) & “Run It Up” give a much appreciated adrenaline shot.

By the time you reach the tail end of the album, you’ll begin to sense all of the elegance and none of the struggle that the title implies. The albums final offering, “Fill A Bag” (Co-Produced with Forward Thinking ENT’s in house producer, UnspokenVirtue) boasts confidence, coupled with a melody from Con Marvelous that is so intoxicating you’ll feel like you’ll need a designated driver.

With that said, please choose your choice of streaming service and enjoy the ride that is, The Elegant Struggle.

Cover Art & Tracklist by FT Designs
Mixed & Mastered by FT Studios

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