The life of a man is defined by his high & low points.
Syn Kazualty explores that duality effortlessly.

The Long Island, NY rapper/singer delivers his debut album Layers. The album’s opener, Phantom, is a strong tone setter. One of the songs first lyrics, “This the type of vibe you only find in helicopters,” is such an accurate description; it’s hard not to imagine a smooth helicopter ride through New York City as cigar smoke fills the cockpit.

Early on, records like Ain’t With It & Dolce Vita find Syn Kazualty toying around with both lyricism and melody work. His ability to transform into whatever artist the record demands is omnipresent throughout the whole project. Each song is filled with layers of confidence, self doubt, introspection, malice, and passion. Each verse is littered with bits of poetry, whether subtle or in your face.

Around the middle point of the project, Syn really gets into a groove. Records like Hussle Taught Me & Free Church gives us a glimpse into the brain of a man who has been through a lot more than just surface trauma. A man who has seen the worst of people, and is now using that life experience to help others. He briefly speaks on gang culture, frivolous spending, and street justice while dropping enough jewels to put your favorite jeweler out of business.

Soon after, we get to the heart of the album.

Someday is a gut wrenching ode to a lost love, that would make William Shakespeare himself demand a tissue. We get to hear a person go through the many stages of grief. Confusion, bargaining, depression, & anger. If Someday is the heart, then Fall From Grace is the soul. This outro is a smooth introspective offering that is sure to resonate with anybody who has passed.

In era dominated by short attention spans & one dimensional artistry, it’s a breath of fresh air to experience something with true depth.

Layers is available now, everywhere! Choose your service below:

Syn Kazualty – Layers
Mixed & Recorded at FT Studios
Syn Kazualty – Layers
Mixed & Recorded at FT Studios

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