🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “March 2nd”

OfficialHardBodyMusic spends most of ”March 2nd” in LiveJournal mode. His vulnerability is on full display as he paints a vivid picture of his life and allows his audience to see a real person & not a rap persona. Transparency fills the lungs of this record but it doesn’t suffocate you. If artists like Drake, Kid Cudi, and Joe Budden have showed us one thing, it’s that honesty is attractive & occasionally seductive.

Navigating between the cockiness of a rapper & the hardships of fatherhood, March 2nd finds Hardbody emblazoned with a knowledge of self & in full possession of impassioned story-telling.

Listen below on Spotify or find it on the streaming platform of your choice! Available on all major platforms.

Cover art by FT Designs
Recorded & Mixed by FT Studios

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