🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 Syn Kazualty – “C.T.C.” (Produced by Clyad)

“I told em cut the check and let’s get to it!”

He’s baaaaack! That’s right!

Syn Kazualty, recording artist, and newest edition to Forward Thinking ENT. Releases a new smash all about getting to the bag! Syn serves up high energy and lyrical ability on a silver platter, ready to be consumed. All you have to do is grab a fork, and dig in! His delivery is guaranteed to grab your attention, while lyrics like, “Sniping everything, even if it’s close range” are guaranteed to keep it.

Listen now as Syn Kazualty brings to you this brand new track, “Cut The Check” (Produced by Clyad).

Mixed & Recorded by: Vital the Unspoken Virtue for FT Studios
Cover Art by: SunnyTheRapper

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