🐍 It’s Here: OfficialHardBodyMusic – Souls Don’t Sell Themselves 🐍

OfficialHardBodyMusic has released 2 songs: “Price Tag” and “Ghosts” with little warning.

The fact that the EP is two songs is puzzling at face value, but makes sense considering the content. “Price Tag” sets the tone. A confrontational HardBody emerges sounding energized, angry and fed up. While “Ghosts” displays a frighteningly introspective side.

The outcome is 2 songs that are purposeful and conscious of their equity.

Souls Dont Sell Themselves is the perfect example of the duality that exists within all of us. From start to finish, confidence & insecurity battle for supremacy, and HardBody feeds both monsters simultaneously. This EP may be short in length, but it’s a full course meal for those who have a serious appetite for substance & depth.

Both records are exclusively produced by New York producer Inviteonlyxx who has a knack for dark synths & moody instrumentation.

Listen now on the Spotify player below, and/or all other platforms!



Cover art by FT Designs
Mixed by FT Studios

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