🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 Con Marvelous – “Better Way.”

This past summer Con Marvelous released his debut album The Elegant Struggle & after a short hiatus, the marvelous one returns.

This time, the face of Forward Thinking ENT is back to prove his worth as a fearsome MC and a capable song writer. His latest offering cuts the distance between his stellar wordplay & hyper, hook-driven tunes.

True to his reputation for candor, Con Marvelous gets right into it with “Better Way” & he doesn’t shy away from anything in his life. Everything is fair game “Fuck the 12 the only time I can’t fuck wit digits, free my gang out the cell, I’m tired of dem Wednesday visits.” He raps, “One facing life, another one be home in 1 or 2, they wanna hear about the bitches that we running through”, easily capturing the parallel between the harsh reality & the glits and glamour of the fast lifestyle.

We know one thing for sure, he hasn’t let his time away knock him off his stride.

Listen now on the Spotify player below or any other platforms!

Cover art by FT Designs
Mixed by FT Studios

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