🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 Con Marvelous – “The Peoples Champion”

Websters Dictionary defines “Marvelous” as causing great wonder; extraordinary, extremely good or pleasing; splendid.

With that being said, The Peoples Champion has arrived. With it, comes a new chronicle of poised assessment. The record is filled with attitude, a dash of arrogance , and Con Marvelous adds an additional dose of intimidation for good measure.

Con easily destroys the misconception of how today’s rappers aren’t wordsmiths anymore, and he is keen on keeping the competition on the ropes. From the opening bell, we bear witness to an airtight exercise in flair and focus. This isn’t a quick fight either, it’s a showcase of durability & endurance.

The production is as epic as a movie score, and the lyrics are as complex as a script from M. Night Shyamalan. Packed with hidden meanings & triple entendres, The Peoples Champion is a spit in the face of rappers who spend more time commentating than they do competing. Telling by the cover art, Con Marvelous is ready to take on the industry and start his own Attitude Era.

Watch the official music video below via YouTube or find it on the streaming platform of your choice! Available on all major platforms.


Cover art by FT Designs & Mega Muzik Marketing
Recorded & Mixed by FT Studios

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