🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “More For Me” (Feat. Turbeazy)

With songs like March 2nd and More For Me dropping earlier in the year, OfficialHardBodyMusic has built a reputation for his content being moody, dark, & heavy. It seems he’s ready to put an end to that narrative.

Heartbreakers is a fun, high energy record that targets the wannabe Instagram models, faux Hot Girls & aspiring City Girls. It seems nobody is safe, from the ladies who abuse Snapchat filters, to the women looking for a come up via Cash App info in their bios. They’re all fair game! HardBody‘s bars might invoke plenty of contempt from the aforementioned “catfish” he’s exposing but he doesn’t seem to mind. Turbeazy shows up in rare form with a feature verse that brings the energy and unorthodox vigor that he’s known for. After being featured on the official Sprite Instagram page for their new Spotify “Sprite Way” playlist, he has a lot to be excited about.

With the current landscape of rap being dominated by this new breed of savage female artists, it’s time for the men to take the power back!

Listen below on YouTube or find it on the streaming platform of your choice! Available on all major platforms.

Cover art by Mega Muzik Marketing
Recorded & Mixed by FT Studios

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