🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “No Receipts” (feat. Lailo)

No Receipts” is best defined as two artists wondering aloud if everything they strive for will appreciate in value, and what exactly about those findings is worth valuing.

OfficialHardBodyMusic uses his verse to express contempt for clout chasers in an unhurried and smooth monotone. Whether it is condemning lesser artists for trying to pass clout off as legal tender, or name dropping XXXtentacion, Nipsey Hussle, & Pop Smoke as cautionary tales; the message is clear, prioritize and stay alive.

Lailo takes this opportunity to call out those who would rather fake being successful instead of going out and securing actual success. He starts off taunting tough guys who’s still live in “Mommy’s house” & that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of his verse. He preaches quality of life over quantity of clout & leaves nothing for misinterpretation.

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Cover art by OfficialHardBodyMusic for FT Designs
Recorded & Mixed by FT Studios

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