🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 Syn Kazualty – “Torches” (feat. Con Marvelous & OfficialHardBodyMusic)

After ending the year off strong, Forward Thinking ENT is back with their first release of the new year. “Torches” offers a potent dose of lyrical jabs, complex schemes and total contempt for the current rap scene. Competitive lyricism is on full display as Syn Kazualty is the first voice to stomp all over these harsh drums, and he doesn’t mince words. From start to finish, Syn Kazualty’s verse is as deliberate as it is unapologetic.

OfficialHardBodyMusic shows up for a short amount of time, delivering a laid back yet pointed message & his sentiment isn’t lost one bit. Anchoring the record is Con Marvelous, who upon entry, is blessed with a beat change that is so masterful it forces you to let you guard down. That is a mistake, because before you get comfortable, Con Marvelous steps up the aggression. He walks over the instrumentation with so much wit & ferocity that you almost forget you were ever at ease.

If the goal was to put the sizable gap between Forward Thinking and everyone else on display then one might consider that mission accomplished. One thing is for sure, “Torches” is an assertive statement of intent that shows little respect to any would be challengers.

Listen below on Spotify or find it on the streaming platform of your choice! Available on all major platforms.

Cover art by FT Designs
Mixed by FT Studios

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