✨ It’s Here: Con Marvelous – Marvelous ✨

Con Marvelous approaches “Marvelous” like a seasoned hustler handing out samples. His sharpened pen game flourishes throughout this 7 song offering. Effortlessly showcasing everything from melodies & lyricism, to story telling & introspection; without overindulging in either.

From the jump, Subtle Differences sets the tone with grandiose production & expressive wordplay. Halfway through the project, Oxygen, which features breathtaking vocals from singer Domoniique Aviles, slows things down and offers a much needed breath of fresh air.

The outro, Opus X, is a reflective record in which Con Marvelous subtly suggests that this isn’t the peak of his vision, but more of a preview of things to come.

Marvelous” is just the album before the album. Which raises the question, if the appetizer is this pleasing; how boundless is the main course?

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Cover art by Pixel Cartel Design
Recorded & Mixed by FT Studios

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