💎 It’s Here! 💎 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “Uncut Gems”

OfficialHardBodyMusic is back with Uncut Gems!

With this new release, he aims to share all the lessons he has learned through experience and allow the general public to partake in his wisdom.

On the project opener, “Not For Sale”, he takes a defiant stance against the status quo. He uses this opportunity to challenge the average rapper stereotypes. He points accusingly at rappers who treat going to jail as some sort of badge of honor, while tacking many other hypocritical.

The intro is not the only song that is morally rich. This three track offering is peppered with informative lyrics, and free game.

“Big Steps Only” sounds like a possible breakout single. The track begins with tranquil vocals from singer Lem Payne Jr; and features a rugged, punchline riddled verse from rapper Killa B.

OfficialHardBodyMusic carries the middle of the song with a verse that is as slick as it is captivating. He gives a unique perspective on the gloom and doom of the current rap scene; by referencing the demise of both Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle. He even sheds a different light on the 6ix9ine situation, showing pity instead of anger towards the polarizing rainbow haired rapper.

The two previous records possess a sanded down bravado. On “Grammy Energy,” he pops his collar a little. Featuring Forward Thinking ENT label mates Syn Kazualty and Con Marvelous, these artists seem to be on a mission. A lengthy four minute (plus) track, this outro is a lot to digest.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these jewels as you appraise their value.

Uncut Gems is available now on all platforms!

Cover art by Dxnny Dolphin
Tracklist art by FT Designs
Recorded & Mixed at FT Studios

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