🚨 New Music Alert! 🚨 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “March To My Own Drum”

It’s become tradition for OfficialHardBodyMusic to release a new record at midnight on his birthday, March 2nd.

At face value, March To My Own Drum is a life talk. Thoughtful lyrics are at the forefront, and they are accompanied by a soulful sample behind them. That sample was borrowed from, “There’s Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You“, by Tom Brock. Sound familiar? That’s because it was made famous in hip hop with Jay-Z‘s 2001 hit single, “Girls, Girls, Girls”.

While Jay-Z chose to rap about his exploits with various women, OfficialHardBodyMusic takes the opportunity to touch on his personal growth. All while dropping jewels. There is no chorus, and there are no ad-libs. This is a mega-verse packed with memorable lines. One example in particular, “I mean, I gained some enemies, but at least it’s a gain.” This is a bar that further cements the sentiment that these are the thoughts of a man with new clarity on life.

“March To My Own Drum” is available now on all platforms!

Cover art by FT Designs
Recorded & Mixed at FT Studios

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