🖤 It’s Here! 🖤 OfficialHardBodyMusic – “Dark Mode”

OfficialHardBodyMusic gets intensely personal on his new album; which showcases him as a troubled act coming to grips with his flaws, and the traumas that caused them.

Addressing a wide range of internal issues, Dark Mode, an album filled with confessions that are usually reserved for a therapists couch; finds the rapper analyzing his life and musical career.

Whereas some rappers litter their lyrics with endless exaggerations and bravado, OfficialHardBodyMusic is refreshingly forthright.

While plenty songs on this project are introspective, that isn’t his only approach. When he isn’t shining a direct light onto his shortcomings, he’s transforming his past mistakes into knowledge for others to gain. On “Intentions,” he lays out clear warnings to those who would let social media dictate who they are.

Knowledge of self is front & center through out the length of the project. Tracks like “Damaged” and “Love Me Later” help drive the overall theme of unapologetic intimacy, while displaying layers of vulnerability most would shy away from.

I would advise listeners not to let the heaviness of these records fool them. On offerings like “Thank Me Now” & “Nobody’s Favorite,” OfficialHardBodyMusic doesn’t marry himself to his emotions and failures. He also lets us know that he is very much aware of his strengths and accomplishments.

The cover of Dark Mode shows its author looking dejected & defeated, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The person you see here is very much connected to the energy around him and the events that led him to where he is today. Whether good or bad, these experiences have shaped him into a formidable individual who has mastered many things while being painfully conscious of things he never quite got the hang of.

Dark Mode is available now on all platforms!

Cover & Tracklist Art by FT Designs
Recorded & Mixed at FT Studios

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